Online Poker Texas Holdem Presents: Best Starting Hands

March 20, 2015
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Online poker Texas holdem is both fun and profitable, so why not use this benefit tp earn massively on the go? The truth is – everyone can become a poker expert if they set their mind to it. Especially in online poker! What differentiates internet poker from its live counterpart is the fact that your opponents won’t be able to see you. It is to say that you can use as many references as you want as long as you don’t drag out the game.

Drafting Online Poker Texas Holdem Strategy

A sustainable online poker Texas holdem is needed for long-term success; however, this isn’t a mission impossible as many beginners think. On the contrary! Drafting a good strategy is easy. Fine tuning is what you need to get accustomed to, as every online poker Texas holdem player has their own playing style.

Starting hands

What all good  Texas holdem strategies have in common are odds calculation and starting hand strategy. Depending on the hand you’re dealt, you’ll be able to adapt your strategy so as to multiply your odds at winning. There are three types of  Texas holdem poker starting hands that are considered beneficial: best, average, and satisfactory. You may safely disregard all others.

Best online  Texas holdem starting hands:

High pairs: AA, KK, QQ, JJ, and 1010.

Ace and high same suites: AK, AQ, AJ, and A10.

Suited face-cards: KQ, KJ, and QJ.

Ace and King (AK).

Average online poker Texas holdem starting hands:

Face card and ten suited: K10, Q10, and J10.

Medium pairs: 99, 88, and 77.

High cards: AQ, AJ, A 10, KQ, KJ, K10, QJ, Q10, and J10.

Ace and Medium card suited: A9, A8, and A7.

Medium suited connecting cards: J9, 109, 108, 98, 97, 87, 86, 76, and 75.

Satisfactory  Texas holdem starting hands:

Low pairs: 66, 55, 44, 33, and 22.

Ace and suited low cards: A6, A5, A4, A3, and A2.

Low suited connecting cards: 65, 64, 54, and 53.

Use this article as a reference until comfortable with your skills and knowledge. Online poker Texas holdem has many variants, suitable for each and every player type. E.g., if you’re a beginner, consider starting with limit games first.

Online Poker Texas Holdem sites

At Online Poker Texas Holdem you’ll find the best poker site recommendations on the web. All of the recommended sites presented here are licensed and secure. Your payouts are guaranteed and your privacy taken care of properly. Sign up today to collect best FREE OFFERS and start winning at online poker Texas holdem in a matter of minutes!

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Welcome to Online Poker Texas Holdem

November 6, 2014
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Welcome to Online Poker Texas Holdem, the most reliable virtual Holdem partner. We are always overjoyed to share Holdem tricks and strategies with other poker enthusiasts worldwide. Without a doubt, there are many of them.

Online Poker Texas Holdem

Where to start? You might wish to browse our knowledgebase first. We have provided a little something for everyone: from essentials for Holdem beginners to advanced strategies for seasoned players. Our analyses of Holdem players take into account both psychological threats and bluffing skills. If you are an online poker Texas Holdem rookie, read our articles on bluffing online.

Sitting place in online poker Texas Holdem

But, first things first. Choosing a proper sitting place during an online poker Texas Holdem game is the first thing you will need to consider, and a prerequisite for winning big. Although there is no unique definition when it comes to this matter, general rules still apply. Read our articles on Holdem seat selection for an in-depth info on the matter.

Also, make sure to re-visit our knowledgebase for regular updates. Sign up at our trusted, recommended sites, all of which are licensed and risk-free. Free deposit bonuses for online poker Texas Holdem games are abundant, so make sure to collect (starting with free deposit bonuses), accumulate, and invest them. You will be able to play many games for free if you keep to this strategy, and the best thing is: bonuses are reloaded on a regular basis!

Texas Holdem Poker Variants

There are many Holdem variants, and we will hereby present only the most common ones. If you are a beginner, don’t play no-limit Holdem, as limit games will protect you from losing money. The variants are, as follows:

1. No-Limit online poker Texas Holdem
Betting available throughout the hand. Game size determined by the blind size.
2. Fixed-Limit online poker Texas Holdem
Betting limits are fixed. Game size determined by the bet size.
3. Pot-Limit online poker Texas Holdem
A mixture of No-Limit and Fixed-Limit Holdem. Betting is available throughout the hand. Maximum amount equals the pot value.
4. Mixed online poker Texas Holdem
A combination of Limit and No Limit Holdem. Refer to our knowledgebase for a detailed review.

Online Poker Texas Holdem sites

As you can see. there is a variant for every Holdem player type. Use free bonuses to test limit games if uncertain which one would suit you best. To start collecting them, sign up at the top notch sites recommended by Licensed and secure, our trusted sites are the best option you will find on the internet. Sign up today for the game of your life! Win Texas holdem poker within minutes!


Online Poker Texas Holdem Variants

November 6, 2014
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Choosing the most suitable online poker Texas Holdem variant is the key to your financial success. Game rules are similar, with respective differences in betting types and limits.

In order to choose the best Holdem game for you, you will need to assess your playing skills first. Ask your friends for help if you are stuck, and remember that the assessment is prone to changes, as practice makes perfect.

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